Meanwhile, This Spring...

The Swedish government passed a bill explicitly stating that sex without consent is rape. Prior to this bill, the law stated that rape was only committed if the victim was violently threatened or coerced into a sexual act. This makes Sweden the 10th European nation to outlaw sex without complete consent. Meanwhile in the US, Russia recently dropped a fat Trump on our chests, without consent.  

The largest orgy in history took place on June 2nd in Las Vegas, hosted by the Erotic Heritage Museum and Menage Life. The museum's executive director, Dr. Victoria Hartmann, conducted a "qualitative research project during the orgy to help fill holes in the study of the evolution of group sex." The study was reportedly not the only one having its holes filled that weekend- OUCH!  

Lola, an all-natural personal care company, recently introduced a gluten-free line of condoms. Most condoms are already gluten-free; however, some use personal lubricants that sometimes contain gluten. Experts warn that those with celiac disease should refrain from using lubricants containing glutenbut recommend that everyone else should vigorously rub a baguette all over their genitals. 

In a recent interview with Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a German-born American sex therapist, Shana Liebowitz from Business Insider asked Dr. Ruth what were the three most common issues she's seen in her numerous years of sex advice. These issues included difficulty around orgasm, unrealistic expectations, and boredom. Westheimer said, "The first step to fighting boredom is to recognize it. One clue is that you're always tired even though there's no particular cause." Another way to recognize you're bored is if you prefer to binge The Great British Bake Off instead of schtup your boyfriend. 

House Method, a housing design website, took a survey of over 1,000 people in a relationship and discovered a higher rate of satisfaction with couples that have sex in rooms in the house other than the bedroom. Scientists speculate that this could be because some couples are so fucking sick of seeing those brown sheets your mother gave you 15 YEARS AGO, ROBERT. 

Three ex-Comcast employees armed with over 4,000 signatures stormed Comcast headquarters in early May demanding the company change its culture of sexual harassment. All three employees experienced frequent and unchecked sexual harassment. Said one of the three women Rylinda Rhodes, "I had one co-worker walk into my cubicle and literally grab my breast." It was later clarified that that was a standard business tactic, called "The White House Tug-a-Lug."

A new poll from the University of Michigan found that seniors still have sex, and still show high rates of sexual satisfaction. 73 percent of those aged between 65 and 80 reported being satisfied with their sex lives. Half of the men surveyed said they were either "very" or "extremely" interested in sex, while only 12 percent of women said the same. Coincidentally, the 87 percent of women who reported being less interested in sex had all seen an 80-year-old penis that day.