Thick or Thin Crust?

A couple was spared jail time this week after having had sex in the middle of a Domino's pizza restaurant in Scarborough, England. Instead they were sentenced with community service, and given a curfew. One of the convicted, Craig Smith, was also sentenced to either 200 hours of unpaid work, or a job at Domino's. 

Two Fidelity Investments portfolio managers were fired due to sexual harassment this week. The manager of their unit subsequently held an emergency meeting to show Fidelity employees how to avoid inappropriate behavior in the workplace. The presentation held at the meeting was titled, "Why She Won't Invest if You Stare at Her Chest."

After Ashley Judd initially released her confession that Harvey Weinstein had sexually assaulted her over 20 years ago, more than 40 women have come forward since then in releasing their stories of sexual harassment, assault, and rape. A spokeswoman for Weinstein denied any sort of misconduct; "Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein," she said while trying to tune out the painfully constant flushing sound of her career going down the toilet. 

The Manhattan District Attorney's office decided not to criminally charge Harvey Weinstein for sexually assaulting model Ambra Battilana Guiterrez two years ago. Many legal experts say that there is more evidence with this case than most sexual assault cases; Guiterrez had recorded evidence of Weinstein apologizing for touching her breasts, as well as her initial police complaint, in addition to the 40-plus verified accounts of sexual assault and rape against Weinstein. Weinstein's team's official response was that Weinstein was just "testing Guiterrez' breasts to see if they were real." Though Weinstein won't be criminally charged, the courts did legally allow Guiterrez to touch Weinstein's breasts, and even give him a purple nurple. 

Stephanie Larsen, a Mormon mother of six was profiled in HuffPost this week about her nonprofit- Encircle LGBTQ Family and Youth Resource Center, which sits two houses away from two Mormon churches in Provo, Utah. Encircle was opened in February, and provides individual and group therapy, as well as a variety of activities for LGBTQ youth. Though the Mormon church doesn't deem same-sex attraction a sin, members are expected to refrain from acting on those feelings, as they might suddenly realize Todd's skin is so, so smooth.

According to recent findings from a study done by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, the reasons for sexual activity declining in older women are more complicated than simply Marge isn't feeling it anymore. After surveying over 1,500 women, reasons cited for preventing women from wanting to engage in sexual intercourse were vulvovaginal atrophy and lower urinary tract dysfunction, as well as a fear of pain due to these common physical maladies. Another common reason post-menopausal women become turned off to sex is the sight of Harvey Weinstein's cratered, sallow hellscape of a face.